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Cloud Communications

Providing business solutions.


Are you working with inflexible and fragmented communications?

Cloud communications, also known as hosted communications, VoIP, hosted telephony, hosted PBX, is a cloud-based service which is a feature rich business class PBX or telephone service.  The system services organisations from one-man bands to organisations with multiple offices across the globe

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Providing solutions.

You may have a phone system in the office but you can’t take the extension home with you or you have lots of different systems and you are becoming confused with your programs being in so many different places. 


These scenarios can become chaotic and can begin to really affect productivity within your business.


Because everything seems all over the place and you are struggling to use them anywhere, you just need someone to come into your workspace and make it all right. 

Image by You X Ventures
Image by Michael Weidner

83% of employees depend on technology for collaboration.


Here at Complete IT Solutions we listen to your problems and translate that into a business solution

Our team of IT specialists have vast experience in telephony and have worked on projects for businesses that are anything from the one-man band up to multinational organisations that have dispersed offices across the globe. There is no limits to who we can work with and we provide the same appropriate levels of service to each type and size of business.

We solve your problems by implementing the world leading 8x8 solution. As a strategic 8x8 partner we know how to build the solutions you need based on the requirements that our team identify as being a real need within your business during the initial consultation. We can provide real value for money and return on investment because of the flexibility of the 8x8 platform.

The implementation will include scope for future growth so that the system is futureproofed. You will never need to start all over again because we ensure the build is ready to move with the future developments of your business model. This is the real power of the 8x8 platform.

Data Cloud


Following your integrated solution from our team you can expect that your IT works for you and not against. Your team will integrate with the systems seamlessly.


You can expect smooth operations where work is accessible no matter where you are and time of the day.

You will see an increase in capacity for inbound calls which provides increased opportunities for business.

Contact us today for more information about our cloud communications services.

Our team are looking forward to speaking to you.

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