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Infrastructure Services

Protecting you from damage or theft from hardware and software.


It’s a matter of time before you get hacked if you are not protected

At Complete IT Solutions, we provide a free audit to determine how effective your security is.

As IT experts and solution based IT specialists this is our bread and butter. 


We don’t promise that we can protect you from everything but we do promise to minimise the likelyhood of your IT being tampered with from external and internal threats.

IT Security Specialist

Image by Tirza van Dijk

A full IT audit.

We provide a full IT audit where we will also review your defences against potential threats. We then provide the solutions that best fits your business size and type.

We will educate you on what you need to look out for so that you are au-fait with the real problems companies are facing right now.

Image by Vinayak Sharma

You will confidently go into your working day aware of the potential threats and know =ing that we are only a call away from asking the question (Should I open this, it looks a little bit unusual)

Contact us today for more information about our cloud communications services.

Our team are looking forward to speaking to you.

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