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IT Support

Solutions when you need them.


Have you ever felt like throwing your computer out of the window?

Those moments when your computer does not do what you want it to do can be very frustrating and all you can think about is the time ticking away and lost work.

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Are you loosing Time?

Students Typing at Their Computers

How many hours do you lose through IT problems? The frustrations can cause issues in the workplace too, especially how your employees can become negative very quickly.

With many working from home now, IT issues can make people feel isolated.

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A support lifeline!

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Complete IT Solutions have years of experience in dealing with demanding environments. We have seen this all before and we have seen businesses being affected by IT problems.


We have gone through the answers a million times before. We offer a lifeline at the end of the phone. A polite and reassuring voice providing confidence at difficult times.

We have a range of solutions for a variation of business sizes. Our partnership with 8x8 provides us with an infinite number of options based on your needs.

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Listening and responding.

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Our team will be on hand to receive problems from you and your operators as required. During the call we listen to your problem, we connect with you remotely, we analyse the problem and solve the issue at that time if we can.


If we are unable to solve the problem immediately, possibly due to hardware issues or more complex software problems, we go away and provide the fastest solution to your problem.


We take away your stress with a calm and soothing tone to ensure we do not increase frustration at difficult moments.

You or your operator will carry on with your working day with less stress and an IT system that works as you expect.

Contact us today for more information about our cloud communications services.

Our team are looking forward to speaking to you.

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