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Contact Centre as a Service

Improving inbound calls.


Do you have difficulty controlling your inbound calls?

Do you have disgruntled customers that do not get their problems solved by your incredible services because of an overload at the front end of inbound calls?

Are your customers not getting to the right place at the right time because of poor inbound call management?

Are your customers' experience of you and your services not proportional to the levels of service you expect to provide due to poor filtering of inbound calls?

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Our Experience

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We have the experience and understanding of how contact centres should work. We have worked with small businesses up to multi-national companies with these kinds of problems.

This experience is invaluable in helping make your inbound calls work more efficiently and smoothly.

We place a high value and focus on improving customer experience which in turn can help increase future sales. Our team know what high quality contact centres look like and how they work. With this experience, we can provide incredible solutions for you and your business through careful consultation. 
We listen to your problems first.



Unlike many other solutions, we offer professionally recorded voice messaging which provides your customers with the peace of mind they deserve at the start of their journey through your business.

Solving Problems


Stratergy &


We solve your contact centre problems through our team of contact centre experts that will analyse the current problem and provide a strategy that creates a solution.


8x8 Communications


As partners of the world leading 8x8 solution, we are well positioned build exactly what you need and when you needs it.




We will build the new system and integrate all the systems that you currently use successfully. Our team are on hand at every turn to ensure your solution is the right one for every part of your business.


Recorded Voice


The Outcome.

Once you have received our solution for your business, you will find that you have a short lifespan of calls in queues. The calls will be routed to the correct agent based on their enquiry. 

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Your management will have better visibility on data regarding the calls to ensure a more organised planning strategy for staffing and customer queries in the future. The capacity of inbound calls will increase dramatically and will be set ready for any future growth.

Our systems can help your business upsell and cross-sell with a captive audience. With professionally and bespoke designs to suit your customers' needs, along with a high-quality sound recording, our solution can make your automation sound professional.

Contact us today for more information about our cloud communications services.

Our team are looking forward to speaking to you.

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